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2-Liter Water Bottle Rocket Assembly Instructions and Pictures

While trying to make thicker pipe so I could add a groove and an O-ring, I found that the 1/2" PVC pipe swelled up enough for a tight fit after I inserted the 1/2" CPVC pipe. This became the starting point for my current design. Here are the pictures documenting the process:

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1. Cut 10" x 1/2" PVC pipe to fit in bottle.
2. Cut 3" CPVC pipe, grind bevel.
3. Smear glue on inside of PVC pipe and outside of CPVC pipe.
4. Jam 3" pipe into 10" pipe.
5. Don't worry if it doesn't go all the way.
6. Cut off excess CPVC pipe.
7. Prepare adapters.
8. Insert CPVC/PVC end into first adapter.
9. Insert into next adapter.
10. Insert into next adapter (if you are using larger diameter stand-pipe).
11. Connect adapters to stand-pipe.
12. Bore hole in 1/2" cap.
13. Smear glue into cap, insert air valve, smear more glue around air valve base.
14. Insert short 1/2" section into valve and cap assembly.
15. Glue T adapter onto stand-pipe.
16. Add 45 degree elbow and another short section to valve assembly.
17. Insert valve assembly into T adapter.
18. Grind off corners of plug piece so it can fit in bottom of T adapter.
19. Cut off plug at about 1/3" length.
20. Place plug into bottom of T adapter.
21. Slide plug all the way into T adapter.
22. Glue bottom pipe into T adapter with lots of glue around plug.
23. Assemble I shaped base with T adapter in center.
24. Don't glue vertical assembly to base so it can pull apart for traveling.