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Sony ICF-C180 Alarm Clock Mods to reduce brightness in "dim" mode

My Sony ICF-C180 is a good clock, but it has a few annoyances.  The main one is the brightness in "dim" mode.  It is bright enough to read by, if I hold the book close.  Way to bright for my sleeping preferences.  I modified the low-brightness current limit resistors to allow me to set my preference.  I'll wait until dark to do the actual setting, but I should have enough range.  Here is what I did to void my warranty:

Location of 2 mounted pots, waiting for the glue (Goop) to dry.


Two terminals of this 1k pot are soldered in place of the 200 Ohm (201) resistor that controls the dim amber lights for weekend alarm backlighting.


Two terminals of this 1k pot are soldered in place of the 100 Ohm (101) resistor that controls the dim green lights for the main display backligting.  Yes, I know that the left terminal doesn't look like it is soldered well.  I went back and re-touched this joint after seeing this picture.  The camera is better than my magnifying glass.



After I got the brightness under control, I began to worry about how easy it was to change the time zone or to change into weekend mode.  I opened the case, removed the push-button board, and shortened the actuators and stops on the back row of buttons as shown in the picture.  I cut the stops by the same length as the actuators, which I cut flush with the back of the key.


Possible future project:

Change the LCD bias to give visibility from the 6 o'clock viewing angle